We help you handle the team with minimum supervision and interference. It makes its own decisions, including the handling of daily tasks and responsibilities and the creation of work processes to complete those tasks
Don't have your own team? We can build you a full team that will work autonomously as your entire product design and development team to bring your product to market.

We have built and released over 100 different products for a wide range of industries and platforms. We have the experience required to help you build and release high-quality products to the market that result in high-impact.

How do we help you achieve success?

Understand ScopePropose Team & PlanProject Kick-off
We work together with you to understand your project scope, budget, ideal release dates, required technology, and desired team.We present you with a proposed team and proposed project phases to be able to fulfill your project scope.

Our team kicks off the project and is dedicated to releasing high quality product builds of major impact to your target market.

Which clients does this work best for?

  • You lack a strong development practice.
  • You have limited or no engineering members.
  • You lack strong product design know-how.
  • You require clear architectural design, wireframes, and UX flows.
  • You want to be hands-off and just have your product delivered and shipped.
  • You lack time to spend on the project.

Sample Project Phases

Every project is unique and the phases we propose will depend on how we can best support your project scope. Below are some of the standard phases our autonomous teams flow through.

Product IdeationMilestones & PrioritiesUX & UI Design
Our goal is to help you all aspects of your product, the goals you have set, and the main value offerings. We work together to understand what you are building, who you are building for, and what is the highest value we should focus on to first bring to your target users.Once we have defined the highest value for your users we work together to turn requirements into a prioritized backlog. The backlog defines our priorities, sets out release milestones, and ensures we are focused on the highest-value features for upcoming releases.The UX & UI Product Design team work ahead of the development team, planning and designing user flows, testing with clickable prototypes, and leveraging current industry design trends to design sleek modern interfaces.

Iterative DevelopmentQuality ControlOngoing Support
The Development team work in rapid iterations focusing on the most well defined and highest priority stories in the product backlog to build new incremental releases of your product that are ready to shi

The Quality Control Engineers work alongside the development team, using both manual and automation testing best practices, with strict environment testing, integration testing, and staged release testing to ensure that all features shipped to the market perform as expected with full functionality.

Once the product scope is complete and you have shipped your high-quality product to market our team will continue to track the performance and monitor any libraries used to ensure that your product stays up-to-date.

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